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Jim Bufalini jim at
Sat Feb 20 11:29:50 EST 2010

Jim Ault wrote:

> -----------------------
> Just in case there is a line ending in a number and the first char of
> the next line is '['
>   and you did not want that specific conversion
>   change is back to a '[' char
>     replace (cr & "_") with (cr & "[") in newVersion

Since, in the end, you shouldn't end up with any brackets and, since the
bracket is at the beginning of a line and therefore not "preceded" by a
number, it was just mistakenly converted to an "_" instead of empty when the
line endings were brackets. So, wouldn't the line be?:

replace (cr & "_") with (cr) in newVersion

I think we both shouldn't type more than a couple of lines of code freehand
into emails. ;-) Last night I had the additional excuses of being at the end
of my day, I hadn't eaten, and I was tired. But, even fresh, I know I
shouldn't do it. ;-)

To slightly change the topic. Isn't Rev grand? A simple text parse (thanks
to Rev chuncks), and Kay and I immediately thought of *offset*, Jacque
thought of *replaceText* and regex, you thought of *linedel* and there are
probably several other totally different ways to do it, all equally
efficient. Ya gotta LOVE  RevTalk! :-)

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

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