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Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Sat Feb 20 08:08:53 EST 2010

Hi John,  welcome back to xTalk.  Despite what you might think (seeing
all the options such as web plugin, web server, database connections,
video grabber, etc) Rev is fundamentally still HyperCard.  If you can
dredge up your old knowledge, I'd guess 80% of it is still useful.  Of
course, that 80% that still applies with Rev is probably only 40% of
what can be done with Rev.

I don't know if you've looked through the RevOnline Browser that comes
installed with Rev.  It's 3rd from the right on the standard menu in
the IDE.

There are various sample stacks - the left-hand list is the categories
under which the stacks were submitted.  If you have a look under the
"media" category you will see there is a sample of a slideshow stack
there.  That might give you some ideas.

There was also a stack that was being used recently to demonstrate the
capabilities of the web plugin comminicating with the server.  I
believe the code for that stack was freely available, but I can't find
any references to it right now.

Have you found the User Guide that comes installed with the IDE?
Also, under the Resource Center (2nd from right on IDE menu) there is
a heading "Sample Projects" which contains a "Multiple Choice
Questionaire" stack.

BTW, I visited Bath for the first time last year.  It is a very
beautiful city -- got to be in the top 3 places in the UK.  You're a
lucky man to live there :-)


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