Stack working in MACOS, not in Windows.

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Sat Feb 20 02:38:44 EST 2010

Steven, you don't have to buy a 'Dell'.  You can buy a copy of XP for a few
tens of dollars and have a dual boot system.  Its unbelievable to refuse,
for emotional reasons, to test on what you are going to deploy on.  I don't
greatly care for Windows either - or Mac for that matter.  But that would
never stop me getting as close as possible to the client environment for
testing before deployment.  

Possibly Rev treats Windows and Mac sufficiently carefully that you'll get
away with it most of the time, and possibly virtualization of Windows on Mac
is sufficiently complete in how it treats hardware that you will get away
with it most of the time.  I use VirtualBox on Linux to run Windows, and I
can tell you from experience that if I were developing in Rev on Linux and
only tested either on Linux or in the VM, I would have disasters.  And I'd
deserve them, though my clients would not!

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