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Fri Feb 19 21:20:24 CST 2010

Hi Glen,

look up offset in the Rev Dictionary.

If you are sure that there is no possibility of a space between the
number and [, then something like this should work:

  if (char (offset("[",tMyLine) - 1) of tMyLine is an integer) then
    --script to replace with "_"
    --script to replace with empty
  end if


On Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 10:57 AM, Glen Bojsza <gbojsza at> wrote:
> Sorry to bother everyone but either I'm tired or brain dead.
> I have a field which has hundreds of lines.
> For all [ in the field I need to check to see if the character to it's
> immediate left is a number.
> If it is a number then the [ is to be converted into an _.
> If it is not a number then the [ is to be removed (no substitution or
> spaces).
> I need to be able to cycle through the entire field which each line may
> contain several [.
> Any thoughts would be appreciated as I have tried using a combination of
> find characters and foundchunk on the field without success.
> thanks,
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