FYI: writing to and reading from fields much faster than locals, globals or custom properties

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Feb 19 22:08:13 EST 2010

Jim Bufalini wrote:
> Josh Mellicker wrote:
>> What we found was that when writing and reading a custom property, or a
>> variable, in a 1 ms loop, other stack windows became "sluggish" - very
>> difficult to drag by the header bar, very difficult to click buttons
>> on, rollover states sticking.
> Ahhh...Now THIS makes sense. Your repeat loop is so tight that the GUI
> becomes unresponsive. It has nothing to do with the actual speed of
> variables vs. fields. Please add, somewhere in your repeat loop:
> wait 0 milliseconds with messages

Exactly what I was thinking. I believe you've nailed it.

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