Stack working in MACOS, not in Windows.

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Fri Feb 19 19:23:17 EST 2010

Well quite frankly my distaste for windows and my involvement in the arts
has pushed me toward macintosh clients,  and in this case I'm helping a
person with no evidence of further profit for me at this point, so investing
in a Dell or whatever is just not in my immediate future.

Anyway, that's one opinion, I see many Rev developers seemingly using a
Macbook exclusively for x-platform dev and turning out good stuff.
Stephen Barncard
San Francisco

On 19 February 2010 16:07, Peter Alcibiades
<palcibiades-first at>wrote:

> " I, of course the ever- mac-evangelist (Yes I was on Guy's Evangel-list)
> have put off my day of Windows reckoning until this moment, and cannot test
> this out for myself. I am paying the price for my platform bigotry."
> It makes no sense.  Virtual machines are not good enough.  If you want to
> develop as a professional for a platform, you have to have that platform in
> physical form to test on.  The most you can do is share a keyboard and
> screen and mouse via hardware switching.
> Anything else, sooner or later, its going to bite you and the customer.
> Spend the tiny amount of money involved, buy one second hand if must be,
> but
> buy one.
> Peter

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