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It's seems logical that a property you set for some object dominates an equivalent inherited property. It could not work otherwise, and it is the same at any level. So you have to kill the chunk properties (by replacing the formatted text by plain text) to actualise the field properties (which can be set before or after the kill)...

put the text of fld "X" into fld "X"
set the textstyle of fld "X" to "bold"


set the textstyle of fld "X" to "bold"
put the text of fld "X" into fld "X"


Le 19 févr. 2010 à 19:13, DunbarX at a écrit :

> Right, but that still leaves me without a native way to set the textStyle, 
> say, to "bold". I have to use a chunk-like expression to do that, not a 
> field-like expression.
> Craig
> In a message dated 2/19/10 12:49:34 PM, jacques.hausser at writes:
>> Seems it's time to put the lights on... I wanted to write:
>> "I don't know if it's an overArchingTextStyle property somewhere, but a 
>> simple way to homogeneize the text of a field is
>> put the text of fld "x" into fld "x" . So you get rid of any chunk 
>> formatting"
>> Do they still sell Ten thumbs, at RunRev ?
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