Odd colour effects with mac plug in

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Thu Feb 18 19:05:44 EST 2010


This is seems to be a problem related to PowerPC processors.

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Op 19 feb 2010, om 00:57 heeft J. Landman Gay het volgende geschreven:

> Kevin Stallibrass wrote:
>> I downloaded the latest plug in from the
>> mother ship and sure enough, it works! Except that all text in the  
>> revlet is
>> now bright blue where it should be black  and cyan where it should  
>> be red.
>> Interestingly, any plug in dialogues  also display blue text. The  
>> exception
>> appears to be text within a drop down menu or combo box. This  
>> displays fine.
> Odd. If your stacks don't have their own colors set, they will  
> inherit the default colors of the OS. I wonder if your revlet thinks  
> those are your browser's default colors. You could try building your  
> revlet using a stack that has its backcolor and fontcolor  
> specifically set the way you want and see if that works.
> When standalones are built, they used to always inherit the colors  
> of the Home stack if they didn't have their own. I wonder if revlets  
> are bypassing that by mistake.

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