Odd colour effects with mac plug in

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Feb 18 18:57:24 EST 2010

Kevin Stallibrass wrote:
> I downloaded the latest plug in from the
> mother ship and sure enough, it works! Except that all text in the revlet is
> now bright blue where it should be black  and cyan where it should be red.
> Interestingly, any plug in dialogues  also display blue text. The exception
> appears to be text within a drop down menu or combo box. This displays fine.

Odd. If your stacks don't have their own colors set, they will inherit 
the default colors of the OS. I wonder if your revlet thinks those are 
your browser's default colors. You could try building your revlet using 
a stack that has its backcolor and fontcolor specifically set the way 
you want and see if that works.

When standalones are built, they used to always inherit the colors of 
the Home stack if they didn't have their own. I wonder if revlets are 
bypassing that by mistake.

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