Best Release Practices and the word "fortnight"

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Thu Feb 18 14:21:16 EST 2010

> > I similarly use acres, furlongs and guinees. I absolutely REFUSE to 
> > work in metric weights and distances which remain completely 
> > meaningless to me. I also use the word 'twelvemonth' from time to 
> > time, as in "I haven't seen him in a twelvemonth".

I think that's just fine for normal communication, but this should be food
for thought about servicing international markets. Even if the receiving
party knows what these things are, it communicates something else the the
receiver that you might use local vocabulary or colloquialisms for official

Back before I became a souless business person, I taught some high school.
There was a British story that referred to rubber boots as "rubbers"
repeatedly. That's not something you can trot out in a high school class
without expecting disruption ;-)

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