when saving as standalone get a text file; SOLVED

Andre.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at inria.fr
Thu Feb 18 05:33:46 EST 2010


My problem yesterday was :

> To day when saving an app. as standalone I get:
> for Linux standalone: a file whose type is "Text format" instead of  
> "Linux
> executable file"
> and
> for Mac standalone: a file whose type is "Application" but does not  
> launched
> when I double-click it (I can't try the Linux one)

> Two years ago all was working well!
Sorry I wrote "years" but I was meaning "days".

This morning I succedeed to save my app. as standalone normally! (Mac  
OSX 10.5.8 ; Rev 4.0)

The only difference that I noticed was that, a couple of days ago, I  
saved it successfully in a "default built folder" whose name did not  
had accented characters
while yesterday, I was trying to make my standalone in a folder whose  
name had one accented character !!!!!!!

Removing the accent solved my problem
I got a normal "executable Linux file" (can't try it) and a Mac  
application which is working well.

poor people who inherited a native language with accents ;-o)))

Best regards from Grenoble


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