FYI: writing to and reading from fields much faster than locals, globals or custom properties

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Thu Feb 18 04:09:01 EST 2010

> On Feb 17, 2010, at 8:10 PM, Josh Mellicker wrote:
Rev reads and
>> writes to fields super fast!

Clearly Richard 'the Benchmark King' Gaskin is asleep right now, but
when he wakes I'm sure he'll have the figures. The best I could track
down was some benchmarking Richard did a while back comparing Globals,
Custom Property's and Functions. His test was a simple one liner
repeated 1 million times, the results were (in milliseconds):

Global:   0.00023
Property: 0.00151
Function: 0.00198

So whilst it is good to know that Rev can read and write into fields
in under a 1 millisecond, and you may consider that super fast,
NORMALLY using Globals or Custom Properties will result in a speed
increase of several orders of magnitude.

Obviously you are not experiencing normal so many of us here would be
very interested in more details to understand why. And if I were a
betting man, I'd be putting my money on the end result will be using
Globals will be the fastest option for you.

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