socket error 54?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Feb 17 19:36:45 EST 2010

Jim Bufalini wrote:
> Alex Tweedly wrote:
>>> What is error 54?
>> Error 54, sometimes known as 10054 or sometimes as 20054 is a hard one
>> to deal with. It means: Connection reset. (i.e. by the other guy) -
> When I first saw the post by Richard, I wondered, because I have seen and
> trap for errors like 10053 (connection to server dropped) and 10061 (no
> server available on this port), etc. in my *ON socketError pSocket, pError*
> handler. But, I had not seen an error of just 53 or 54 or... (or at least I
> didn't think I had). 
> Alex, Any way of knowing if an error is going to be reported as 10054, 20054
> or just 54? What generates this socket error number? Rev? The platform? The
> server? It makes a difference to my switch statement. ;-)
Don't know for sure, but I believeWin consistently reports socket error 
numbers as 100xx, while I think (maybe) Mac reports them as simply xx
Linux - no idea.

Maybe parse out and switch on the last two digits of the error number ??

-- Alex.

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