when saving as standalone get a text file; Help!

Andre.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at inria.fr
Wed Feb 17 11:38:06 EST 2010

I just updated to rev 4.5 dp2 and tried to save my app as standalone :  
I get the same as with rev 4.0 : for Linux a text file!! and the  
standalone for Mac not working.

I can't access to the thread on the improve list (I don"t remember my  
password and am waiting for a new one!!!)

I am a bit tired to see the message : "Standalone application saved  

A couple of days ago, on Rev 4.0, I saved my app. as standalone  
without any problem

Any help would be much appreciated

Best regards from Grenoble


Le 17 févr. 10 à 15:29, Richard Gaskin a écrit :

> Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>> If you are using Enterprise 4.5.0-dp-1, then there is a known issue
>> with standalones. There was a thread on the improve list with a
>> download link to get the fixed engines.
> FWIW, this issue seems specific to the IDE.  In my own IDE, using  
> the v4.5 dev engine's _internal command to build my standalones from  
> the v4.5 runtime engines produces a runnable app.
> The good news there is that the actual mechanism that builds the  
> standalones seems fine, and the engines themselves are fine, it's  
> just something in the IDE which is likely easy to fix.
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