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Jeffrey Massung massung at
Wed Feb 17 09:48:50 EST 2010

On Feb 17, 2010, at 8:23 AM, Jim Bufalini wrote:

> Jeff Massung wrote:
>> Again, for those of you who use RSS regularly, I'd be interested in
>> knowing
>> what features are important to you... and better still, what is lacking
>> from
>> the current reader you use.
>> Thanks for the compliments, everyone.
> I am also not a heavy RSS user and the reason is I don't want to be
> inundated or have to scan through tons of information that I am not
> interested in. To the best of my knowledge, when you subscribe to an RSS
> feed, you receive any changes to that site, or portion of site. If the site
> is an active forum, for example, this can be TMI (Too Much Information).
> So, while you say:
>> Yes. That's the idea. For example, if you were had a lot of news feeds,
>> and typed "iran" into filter area, the only headlines that would appear
>> would be those that had Iran somewhere in the title or body of the
> headline.
> What I would really like is to be able to have a preference that is
> *specific to each feed* I subscribe to, and be able to type in some filter
> words or phrases. If the word or phrase is in the headline or body of that
> feed, then notify or otherwise show me the headline. Otherwise,
> "automatically" and  completely delete the headline item from the database
> or however you are storing these (I also don't need my HD being filled up
> with info I will never read).


That's an interesting idea. I'll have to think about how best to incorporate such a feature into the user interface. I can definitely see how a filter / feed could be very useful.

Addressing your "HD being filled up" issue, know that I'm against such things as well. I had no desire for Newsfeeder to be a newsgroup reader that downloaded and saved every headline and marked them as read or not. Newsfeeder will tell you if an RSS feed has new headlines since the last time you viewed it, you will be informed, but it doesn't track anything on a per-headline basis and doesn't save anything to the HD. Each time you start up the app, everything is fresh.

Note: I have considered adding support for saving headlines that you love or want to read later so they don't go away, and similarly considered letting you delete headlines that you never want to see again. But I need to get more use out of the app - and more user opinions - before I go down that road.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Jeff M.

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