inconsistent font setting behaviour

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Feb 17 01:18:07 CST 2010

Recently, Nicolas Cueto wrote:

> I've now tried your advice on my computer here (tho not yet on the
> problem PCs).
> Good news and bad news.
> The good news is the font sizes change.
> The bad is the line height. I fiddled with textHeight and even
> individual field objects' fixedLineHeight true/false.
> But no change in line height. Just a brief flicker, and then things
> continue to look the same.
> I thought fixedLineHeight settings might be the problem. So I tried
> true/false for thisk, plus tried variations of scriptline arrangement.

You might try adjusting margins of the field/s as well: one value affects
all four margins (left,top,right,bottom), 4 values sets the margins


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