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Scott Rossi scott at
Tue Feb 16 20:05:59 EST 2010

Recently, Nicolas Cueto wrote:

> A standalone is having problems displaying font sizes and lineheight.
> ... even if I change the fontname, the look of the font in all of
> the text fields remains unchanged.
> As I say though, the weird thing is that on three of the other
> near-similar PCs, the standalone's text appears exactly as expected.
> Any thoughts or similar experiences?

Definitely similar experience, but when opening on different platforms.

There are (at least) a couple of things to try.

If all your fields employ the same formatting, make sure you have all text
properties of each field set to empty, remove any formatting from the actual
text in each field, and apply the textFont/Size/Height properties you want
to the card in which the fields appear.  Also, in your startup routine,
explicitly set the textFont/Size/Height of the card to what you want via

The theory is that the fields will inherit their text settings from the
card.  You can see this in action by starting with some new label fields,
for example, and adjusting the card's text properties -- the text in the
label fields should update appropriately.  If the text in your fields is not
updating when changing the card's text properties, you either have
field-specific text properties applied, or you have text-level formatting
applied within the fields.

Alternatively, you can try cycling through all fields at startup and
explicitly setting your font properties to each field, or the text within
each field, as needed.

Hope this helps -- I've fought a bunch of battles with text recently and had
to go the explicit route at startup.


Scott Rossi
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