Newsfeeder - an RSS reader

Jim Bufalini jim at
Tue Feb 16 16:17:31 EST 2010

Jeffrey Massung wrote:

> Current feature set:
> * Can read RSS, FEED (ATOM), and RDF news feeds.
> * Strips out extraneous HTML markup from descriptions.
> * Share headlines via email, Twitter, Blogger, Digg, Reddit, and
> Facebook
> * Headline filtering (search) as-you-type
> * Unique "tagging" feature to quickly sort and navigate subscriptions
> * QuickTime/media support for podcast audio and video
> There's several other features that I'm working on as well, but don't
> want to discuss them in case they don't make the final cut for version
> 1.0.
> Any thoughts/comments very much appreciated. Thanks!

Very nice looking Jeffrey. Will it have automatic filtering as in if an
article/post doesn't have this word/phrase or that word/phrase or another
word/phrase in either the headline or body, then throw it away?

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

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