Stack message once all libs are loaded?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Feb 16 13:04:37 EST 2010

Jeff Massung wrote:
> Jan,
> I've tried that to no avail in the IDE. If that's meant to work then perhaps
> I just have a bug where the message is getting eaten up by another control
> somewhere along the way.

You can't be sure the Rev libraries are fully loaded until after the 
embedded group they are in has received an openBackground message. To be 
safe, wait to call your handler until after the first card has opened. 
All startup messaging is completed at that point. You could use the 
opencard message on card 1 to set a flag (if you need to) and if that 
flag is false, do a "send myHandler" command to executes what you want 
to do.

If you are trying to go to a URL before the stack can be seen, then on 
preOpenCard just set the visible of the stack to false, but let the 
messaging finish.

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