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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Feb 16 00:40:36 EST 2010

Peter Brigham MD wrote:

> I'm already adjusting the height of the stack and placing the
> "menuItem" groups appropriately, thanks. I was hoping to scroll the
> whole stack. Putting everything into a group and scrolling the group
> was what I was hoping to avoid.

Moreover, AFAIK it's not possible anyway, since stacks popped up with 
the popup command only trap one mouse click and then close -- regardless 
of what was clicked on.  Given their original purpose, to hold only menu 
item buttons, that makes sense.  But attempting manipulate controls like 
scrollbars will be an exercise in frustration:  click on the scrollbar 
to drag it, and the window goes away.

You could work around that by not using the popup command, but instead 
using a simple borderless palette and watching events carefully (very 
carefully; popup controls are simple for users because whatever system 
that implements them is working hard to deliver that seeling seamlessness).

Much better to see this fixed.

As for your gallery, I wonder if it might make sense to have only a 
subset of options available, with an item for "More..." which opens a 
dialog with a scrolling region to show all of them.  This may even be a 
benefit to the end user, since it starts them off with with a focused 
subset.  Of course the usefulness of that depends on a lot of things I 
don't know about your app; maybe something to consider, maybe not.

> Hmmmm. Can you scroll a group with the scrollwheel using a rawkeydown
> handler if the group has no scrollbar? With or without a frontscript?
> That at least would *look* like a regular menu.

Yep: rawKeyDown 65308 is "down" and 65309 is "up".

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