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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Feb 15 18:04:43 EST 2010

Peter Brigham MD wrote:

> Things are working fine, but a problem arises when the menustack gets 
> too tall. Clicking on the pulldown menu button pops up the menu, but the 
> bottom of it is chopped off, as it would descend below the screenrect. I 
> tried putting a rawkeydown handler in the menustack to handle scrolling, 
> and this works fine if I open the menustack as toplevel -- I can use my 
> scrollwheel to scroll the stack up and down to see the whole list -- but 
> when I click the pulldown menu button and try to scroll the popped-up 
> stack, nothing happens.

The only thing I can think of as a work-around for now is to enclose all 
your content in a group with a scrollbar. Set the height of the group to 
the height of the stack panel, which would also have to be set to fit 
into the available space. You won't get automatic menu scrolling 
behavior but you'd at least have a scrollbar, sort of like a combo box.

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