Connecting Stack to Remote On-Rev MySQL Database

Jim Bufalini jim at
Mon Feb 15 16:34:54 CST 2010

Rick Harrison wrote:

> Yes, I'm using MySQL on the on-rev server.
> I can access it fine from an irev script.
> I need to access it remotely from a stack.


Look up *post* in the dictionary. A script in your stack posts SQL, data or
both to your irev script. The irev script executes the SQL and then uses
*put* to send the result back to your script. This is what Sarah was
referring to.

This is actually more secure as you don't have to send usernames, passwords
or even the DB name between your stack and the server. You can even encrypt
what you are posting and have the irev script decrypt, execute, encrypt the
result of your query and put it to you stack script.

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

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