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Peter Brigham MD pmbrig at
Mon Feb 15 14:14:51 EST 2010

This is the first time I've really tried to use stack menus. I'm  
building a stack menu during the course of user operations in a stack  
-- it's a menu of recent images accessed, with thumbnails and stored  
data associated with them. I've assigned a menustack as the menuName  
of a pulldown menu button, and all the scripts for handling user input  
are in the menustack stack script. I resize the menustack every time I  
add a "menuitem" (actually a group consisting of a thumbnail and a  
field) or choose an item from the menu (it deletes more recent  
menuitems, as a "recent" menu should).

Things are working fine, but a problem arises when the menustack gets  
too tall. Clicking on the pulldown menu button pops up the menu, but  
the bottom of it is chopped off, as it would descend below the  
screenrect. I tried putting a rawkeydown handler in the menustack to  
handle scrolling, and this works fine if I open the menustack as  
toplevel -- I can use my scrollwheel to scroll the stack up and down  
to see the whole list -- but when I click the pulldown menu button and  
try to scroll the popped-up stack, nothing happens.

Is there some way to allow scrolling of a stack menu that is too large  
to display fully?

-- Peter

Peter M. Brigham
pmbrig at

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