Valentina 4.5 Released; 64 Bit Servers, SNMP, 100 + Fixes/Improvements

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Mon Feb 15 12:34:51 EST 2010

Hello all,

Valentina 4.5 was released yesterday - on Valentine's Day, of course!
Instead of giving you a huge PR, Im going ot summarize what's new:

- Massively Improved Valentina Studio Pro. Six + months of refactoring,
fixing, improving has brought huge improvements to speed and robustness.
This tool lets you visually create, query, modify and administer Valentina
databases. It also includes Visual Designer for building reports visually
for use with Valentina Reports.

- 64 Bit Servers. Available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Being able to
access more than just a couple of GB of RAM on a server results in heavenly
speed. For Valentina Office Server, Embedded Server, Free Server.

- SNMP Client Support. You can use SNMP network monitoring clients to check
on the welfare of your Valentina Servers.

- 100+ Fixes/Improvements. Parallel to the massive improvements to Valentina
Studio Pro, we went through the top 100 (and more) customer requests and
fixed or implemented them.

We spent the 4.5 update period to beef up and improve Valentina
infrastructure because we are getting more and more customers who are using
Valentina to serve data in some key, rather data intensive industries, such
as financial services, medical, government.

What Does this Mean for Revolution Developers?

- If you are using a Valentina ADK only, you'll notice improved performance;
there are a modest number of API additions in 4.5, but really that isn't the
point of 4.5.

- If you are using 32 bit ADKs to connect to 32 or 64 bit servers - no
worries. They talk together quite nicely. Clearly, the more logic you put
server side for complex queries vs big data stores the better performance
you will see.

- If you are just starting to get to know the Megabundle'd Valentina, you
are still in your update period so its worth getting your hands on 4.5.

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Paradigma Software

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