making a thumbnail from a snapshot

Ken Ray kray at
Sun Feb 14 12:18:59 CST 2010

> What I get is not a properly sized thumbnail -- I get an image that
> looks the size of the whole new (cloned) group, and it's not a
> miniature of the big image, it's a crop of the big image. I can't
> remember how to miniaturize an imported snapshot down to thumbnail
> size. I know this has been discussed before but can't find it in the
> gmane archives. Any help appreciated.

Here's a simple example of taking an existing image and making a 1/4 sized

  export snapshot from img 1 to tPictData as PNG
  create image
  put it into tImg
  set the text of tImg to tPictData
  set the width of tImg to (the width of tImg/4)
  set the height of tImg to (the height of tImg/4)
  set the lockLoc of tImg to true
  set the imageData of tImg to the imageData of tImg

Hope this puts you on the right track...

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