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Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Sun Feb 14 10:12:50 EST 2010

theoretically that's utf8. did you try to do a conversion on the data returned by the xml external?

   return unidecode(uniencode(theText,"utf8"))

On 14 Feb 2010, at 15:56, Jeffrey Massung wrote:

> So, after days of trying to figure what my unicode bugs were, I've finally figured out the problem: revXML (which I'm assuming is using Expat or similar library) is attempting to translate encoded characters during tree parsing as opposed to letting the application handle it later on.
> For example:
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <test>This is Џ a test</test>
> The above tree - upon being parsed - will convert Џ into 2 bytes instead of leaving it encoded. The result is a blob of text that's composed of both single-byte characters and double-byte characters. This is no good. 
> So, is there a way to get the XML parser in Rev to not touch the data in the tags and let me do it? Or better yet, how about making revXML adhere to the useUnicode global, so either all the returned data is single-byte or it's all double-byte?
> Jeff M.


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