Feb 14th

Malte Pfaff-Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Sat Feb 13 17:23:43 EST 2010

on mouseUp
   local tX,tY,tOutput
   if there is no grc "output" then 
      create grc "output"
      set the style of it to "curve"
   end if
   repeat with i=-2*pi to 2*pi step 0.01
      put round(item 1 of the loc of this cd+sin(PI+i/2)*200*(1-sin(abs(i)/2.0))*sin(abs(i))) into tX
      put round(item 2 of the loc of this cd+10*sqrt(20+200*(1-sin(abs(i)/2.0))*cos((i)))) into tY
      put tx,ty&cr after tOutput
   end repeat
   set the points of grc "output" to tOutput
end mouseUp



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