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Fri Feb 12 21:02:38 CST 2010

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 4:13 AM, Andrew Kluthe <andrew at> wrote:
> What about combining the custom property idea with the db idea. Eventually
> the data for my application will be in a remote mySQL and I would like to be
> able to update help information and have it get changed on the client end as
> its updated in the db.

Yes, that would work
> I need non-tech folks that work for our company who know the purposes of the
> items in this software to be able to enter help info into the db and it be
> spit out.
I'd suggest you implement something in your registration key code that
identifies who are 'normal' users, and who are 'company' users.

I think you could then proceed in at least two ways (with Rev there's
sure to be more:-)

A simple method of checking for the 'optionKey is down'

on mouseUp
if ((the optionKey is down) and (the cRego of this stack contains "PLEH")) then
   --present a field with the current Help message
   --allow for updating Help messages
   --normal process
end mouseUp

That way, a company worker who comes across a Help message error, can
click on the object (with the optionKey down) and update the Help
message right then and there. Of course you may have other plans for
option/command/alt/control key combinations.

Another option could be 'company' users have an extra checkbox on
their Preference page (or an extra Menu Item, that allows them to
enter 'Update mode', which removes all the data from the fields and
leaves a blank card with all the fields and buttons which can be
clicked and Help messages individually updated.
> So maybe a have a handler that watches for the custom message property to
> determine what control it is and the hanlder gets info from the db to put
> into the help.
If you are referring to the getProp message, I don't see a reason in
this situation to use it.
Assuming your DB is large or bigger, then you'd need to organise some
scheme of keeping track of updates in portions of the DB, (ie just
prices, products added removed, Help info updated) so when users go
online a quick check is done and then they are given the option to
update the latest info.

> Is this going to put too much stress on my db?

I doubt it very much.

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