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Fri Feb 12 21:02:58 EST 2010

On Feb 12, 2010, at 5:51 PM, Jeffrey Massung wrote:

> However, it would appear that Rev renders unicode characters  
> *incredibly* slow. :-(
> I have a field in a data grid template that needs to display unicode  
> characters. Sadly, regardless of caching controls, fixed row  
> heights, whatever, scrolling the data grid or resizing it is just  
> unbearable (note: the function I wrote is called as outside the data  
> grid behavior and the only thing done in the data grid is a set the  
> unicodeText ... to pDataArray["text"]).
> Hopefully there's yet something else that I'm missing.

It would seem that there is something else going on to cause such a  
slowdown. I often load UTF-8 data into a Data Grid and then convert to  
UTF-16 and assign to the unicodeText property in FillInData. I haven't  
noticed any slowdown.

There is absolutely nothing else going on? If not can you send a  
sample stack to me off-list?

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