Jeffrey Massung massung at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 17:51:19 EST 2010

On Feb 12, 2010, at 3:33 PM, Devin Asay wrote:
> Jeff,
> I don't know if you have gotten it working yet, or at what level you are with unicode, but a couple of years ago I wrote an article to try to unravel some of the confusion surrounding using unicode in Rev. You may find it useful. See it at:
> http://revolution.byu.edu/unicode/unicodeInRev.php
> Regards,
> Devin


Thanks for the link. Yes, I'm very familiar and comfortable with unicode. After what Trevor pointed out it took me very little time to put together a function that performs the actions I need.

However, it would appear that Rev renders unicode characters *incredibly* slow. :-(

I have a field in a data grid template that needs to display unicode characters. Sadly, regardless of caching controls, fixed row heights, whatever, scrolling the data grid or resizing it is just unbearable (note: the function I wrote is called as outside the data grid behavior and the only thing done in the data grid is a set the unicodeText ... to pDataArray["text"]).

Hopefully there's yet something else that I'm missing.

Jeff M.

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