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I suppose it's too late to ask for all the money back that "we" lent/gave to almost every country in the last century, that now thinks us the bad guys? It would go a long way to solving our present economical problems. No matter, we have no intention of paying back the Chinese, who are funding our debt now anyway. ;-) Also, Maybe next time there's a disaster in a country that could never hope to pay us back, and we come to the rescue anyway, instead of accusing us of trying to take over, maybe give us a pat on the back for always being there when needed? 

But let me say that it is my observation in life that when people say "they", they most often don't even know who exactly they mean. It's just really easy to think of an unrecognizable mass of humanity, all the unknown individuals of which are conspiring to do what you don't like, and then demonize them. It makes the forwarding of other foreign (or personal) policies much easier to justify. The actual truth is much more complicated, and much harder to sort out, and no one really wants to work that hard at knowing anything anyway. 

This is true, not only for countries, but for any organization of people. When Freedom of the Press was initially instituted, the press really WAS the people looking out for the best interests of the people. If it has now become the PR group for a particular party, or worse yet, the propaganda machine for that party, then that is on the people. Just be clear about which "theys" you are speaking of here. Still, it's because of Freedom of the Press that there can even be alternative media organizations in America that can say what they think, and no one can stop them. At least not yet. 

One great strength of America is also it's greatest weakness, and that is we get a whole new group of "theys" every 4 to 8 years. You need to specify which group of "theys" you mean. I am not particularly fond of the "theys" we have right now, and I was not entirely happy in the end with the previous "theys", but probably not for the same reasons you were not entirely happy. 

But at least we can hope to correct our mistakes, God willing. It is because of the willful ignorance of Americans, that "they" seem to keep voting for "theys" that end up being self serving. Americans in general have become politically lazy, and morally uncertain, but there are signs that is changing. Do I smell revolution on the wind? So think of elections in America as a whole new revolution every 4 to 8 years, only without the bullets and bombs and such. And remember that revolutions don't always work out for the better, but they have and they can, especially when the revolution has a real moral foundation to it. 

Now a bit on foreign policy. If 2 guys walk up to me on the street, and one of them punches me in the nose, I am going to hit that guy as hard as I can, then I am going to start in on the second one, because I have to assume he is in on it. Then I am going to go back to the first guy and finish the job. If I am mistaken, then I will only say the second guy should have chosen his friends more wisely. If those guys have been threatening me and my sister for the last two weeks prior to that, I might not wait for the first guy to punch me at all. Think of that as my personal foreign policy. 

So if America went to kick Bin Laden's arse, and then turned around and started in on one of his friends, I can forgive America for that, especially when that friend was mocking and jeering, and threatening the whole while that they had a really big gun they were going to go it get and shoot us with it. Has everyone forgotten that Saddam Hussein had been boasting the entire time that he was developing chemical and biological weapons, and intended to use them? 

No one likes a bully, either in school on in the world. Everyone (except the bully) is plenty glad when the new kid shows up and fairly kicks the bully's buttocks. From time to time there arises a world leader who thinks he knows best how to run not only his own country, but the entire world, and then goes about implementing his grand plan for perfection. 

When that happens, the guy you want to come help is the biggest baddest meanest kid in the neighborhood. Don't hate him later, if he leaves the bully in a bloody heap in the street, with several of his friends beside him, and then goes home to watch TV. He may seem heartless. He may make you uneasy. But luckily for you he doesn't really want to take over the neighborhood. Frankly it's too much work. And you might want to say a little "thank you" next time you see him. 


On Feb 11, 2010, at 5:04 PM, -= JB =- wrote:

> That is absolutely true.  But they want to make sure you
> invest with them even if you don't like their policy or they
> will prevent you from investing in one.  It is their concept
> of freedom.
> Similar to freedom of press in America.  The news media
> have the freedom to report anything they want as long as
> they approve of it.
> Pogo said, we have met the enemy and they is US.
> -=>JB<=-

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