[ANN] Move controls in tRev Object Browser with the new ZOOM!

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at me.com
Fri Feb 12 10:54:55 EST 2010

Fellow Rev developers,

We just posted this video showing the new control manipulation in  
tRev's snapshot mode:


Here are the details:


Controls in Zoom:
- zoomed cards now show a fully functional list of controls
- control line items in list are draggable and names are editable
- zoomed cards also have the scratch pad

Move controls in Zoom:
- controls in snaps can be dragged
- controls in snaps can be moved with arrows
- - plain arrow = 1 pixel
- - shift arrow = on 10 pixel grid
- - option arrow = align to next controls side

- first tab is always and only for the browser
- New Tab menu item removed from File and Tab menus.

- larger/smaller font size on view menu w shortcut
- White on Black (aka Chalkboard) now on view menu w shortcut

- drag-n-drop in lists is more responsive, faster
- auto-scrolling during drag-n-drop in lists is faster, less quirky
- scrolling in all list fields and code field faster
- code displays faster
- browser columns populate faster (raw number of lines)

- tRev icon in Rev now remembers its location from session to session
- control counter no longer counts the controls in dataGrids
- inflated control counts kept script line counts from appearing in  
controls column
- alignment of all fields and buttons now perfecto


Jerry Daniels

The latest Rev Editor Video:

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