Behavior Nightmare

Trevor DeVore lists at
Fri Feb 12 07:33:32 EST 2010

On Feb 12, 2010, at 6:04 AM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Does anyone know what the message order is for behaviors assigned to
> multiple objects?
> I have a set behaviors assigned to a card, and a set of behaviors  
> assigned
> to a group that is placed on the same card.  It seems that the  
> behavior
> scripts of card are being handled *before* the behavior scripts of the
> group.  Is this expected behavior?  Is there some way I can have the  
> scripts
> of group processed before those of the card?


A Behavior acts just like the script of the object it is attached to  
so the message hierarchy remains unchanged. Have you confirmed that  
scripts are being executed out of order using logging?

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