altRevBrowser Noob

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Thu Feb 11 19:57:36 EST 2010

<sigh> again. Apparently it still does not quit on click. I have this in my stack startup:

revBrowserSet the altBrowserId of this stack, "messages", "true"

and I handle it here:

on browserClick
    send "closeStackRequest" to this card in 1 second
end browserClick

on closeStackRequest
  local tBrowserId
  put the altBrowserID of this stack into tBrowserId
  if tBrowserId is among the items of revBrowserInstances() then
    revBrowserClose tBrowserId
  end if
  set the altBrowserID of this stack to empty
  close this stack
end closeStackRequest

Clicking in the browser does not quit the app. Any ideas why this would not work? 


> Hi all. 
> I think I found a solution for my click-to-quit problem. If I enable advanced features and intercept the browserClick message then I can have the app quit but only in Windows (sigh). Good thing I am writing this exclusively for Windows. :-)
> Bob
>> Hi Sarah. 
>> Thanks! I did get the thing running by copy/pasting everything in the browser card of the sample. Now my problem is, when I create a button the size of the stack in front of the browser with a script to quit, the click never gets to the button. I moved the object to the front all right, but it seems when the browser is displaying content, the browser is the frontmost object. 
>> I can kind of see why this is the case, but now that breaks my idea of being able to click and have the app quit. Anyone have any ideas on this last hurdle?
>> Bob

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