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Thu Feb 11 18:22:27 EST 2010

Kay C Lan wrote:

> Lastly, I'd probably use mouseEnter rather than mouseMove. Over a
> large field, mouseMove could be sent multiple times, causing your
> script to be triggered unnecessarily. MouseEnter will only be sent
> once.

I thought about that, and in fact the field doesn't even have to be very 
large for it to trigger multiple times, but that's an advantage. 
Sometimes mouseEnter doesn't trigger. MouseMove almost always does. If 
the user is moving very fast or there is an overlapping control, you 
don't always get a mouseEnter, and you only have one shot at it. Then 
you also have to catch mouseLeave too, in order to empty the help field 
text. So I think I'd still use mousemove here.

I used mousemove in my Klondike game, where each iteration executed a 
very long handler, and there was no noticeable slowdown. That was about 
10 years ago now, when machines were slower. So now I don't worry about 
it any more.

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