AW: Andre's house - completely offtopic

Terry Judd tsj at
Thu Feb 11 17:31:44 EST 2010

I dunno Sarah - I kind of like to sleep in until at least 7 on a Saturday
morning. But if you don't mind watching cartoons with my early rising
five-year old for an hour or two ;)


On 12/02/10 9:13 AM, "Sarah Reichelt" <sarah.reichelt at> wrote:

>> Hope others add themselves, it would be interesting to see where we all are.
> Yes, and we need a pin for the RunRev offices.
> I asked Google to give me directions to some of these locations, but
> it failed miserably and said it couldn't be done.
> So the only person I can get to is Terry - I'll be there in 21 hours
> and 46 minutes Terry :-)
> Cheers,
> Sarah
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