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Andrew Kluthe andrew at
Wed Feb 10 11:44:59 EST 2010

The app I am working on is to be one stack in a set of stacks for dealing
with different tasks. The first one I am working on handles everything to do
with managing Leases on machinery, land, etc.

There are many other tasks to handle and I figured a stack for each (and
seperate stacks for setting up the data in the DB) inside of the consistent
interface stack (lets you navigate between the different

Ok, so far in my Lease (module) Stack I have made a single stack and used
different cards for the edit,new,view screens.

I just added sarah's calender stack to my LeaseStack and trying to figure
out how to get the information from sarah's calendar into my EditPayments

I understand stacks but now how they can fit into the development of a large
application like this.

1. How do you pass data to and from different stacks? (Sarah's calendar
specifically, and the rest of the stacks in my Application in general)

2. Is the structure for my application sensible? I have never done alot gui
programming before, mostly been confined to php, ASP, and RoR, etc.

The structure, as I have envisioned it, is. *NOTE: "--->" means to call up.*

 MainInterfaceStack ---> ModuleStacks (LeaseStack, WorkOrderStack, etc) --->
SetupStacks (Add Users, Add Fields, Add Townships, Add Assets, etc.)
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