AW: Win7 Apps don't launch - just nothing ?

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Wed Feb 10 06:03:09 EST 2010

Hi Jim,
thanks for your hints, I will follow them and get back.
It's already late over there, you're still up? :)

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> Tiemo Hollmann wrote:
> > only revzip and revxml
> >
> > My customer now told me, that the icon of my app has the blue-yellow
> > "Win7
> > admin shield" (don't know the correct name).
> > I know that this has anything to do with permission / user rights, but
> > I
> > don't know what exactly and why this only affects my Rev Apps and not
> > all
> > his other Apps.
> OK, so given this, it's not that your Rev app is not launching on a
> particular machine (which is why I started exploring externals). It's that
> it is being blocked from running on a particular machine (big difference
> ;-). So a new line of questioning for you and your customer...
> 1. When he boots the machine does it go to a login screen or does Windows
> just come up?
> 2. Does he have any third-party firewall installed (like Norton, McAfee,
> AVG, etc.) or is he just using the default Windows firewall?
> 3. Is your app set to auto-launch on boot/login?
> 4. Where is this "shield?" Is it on the desktop or does it appear in the
> System Tray when your app is launched?
> 5. What are the options if he right-clicks on the shield?
> You might get him to install something like the free Microsoft SharedView
> on
> his system, so you can take it over and see for yourself what is going on.
> But, it is now sounding like not a Rev issue but a permissions/firewall
> issue and your app is either blacklisted or requires admin privileges to
> run.
> Aloha from Hawaii,
> Jim Bufalini
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