For Sale: Source Code and Full Rights

Derek Bump userevolution at
Wed Feb 10 04:34:38 EST 2010

Hello All,

I am looking for anyone interested in purchasing the Source Code and
Full Rights to one of Dreamscape Software's most successful programs,

The reason I am looking to sell the source code and full rights is
because I have become part of a new venture that requires my full
attention, and I am unable to continue spending time developing

JPEGCompress has undergone about 10 years worth of development, which
has resulted in a slew of new features that extend the functionality of
the program way beyond basic compression.  And with the addition of
Graphic Effects in Revolution 4.0, and improvements in Image Exporting
and Color Reduction in Revolution 4.5, JPEGCompress stands to receive
even more new features that will help to increase it's value to the

I am looking to sell JPEGCompress for (US) $3,000.00, or best offer.

The sale would include all of the following...

1. JPEGCompress 3.0 Source Code

The current version publicly available is version 2.9.6.  This means you
could buy the program, release the new version, and start to make your
investment back immediately.  See what's in version 3.0 here:

2. JPEGCompress Licensed Users Information

You get the entire database of customers, as well as all of their
contact and order information.

3. JPEGCompress Web Page, Ordering and Maintenance Scripts

A lot of what JPEGCompress does is supported by numerous PHP scripts.
You get them all so you can start selling and maintaining JPEGCompress

4. Full Rights to the program name and it's logo.

5. All Development Files, Backups, Graphics, Icons, etc.

6. 4 Free Support Sessions (aka: I help if you get stuck)

In other words, you get everything related to JPEGCompress, even it's 4
1/2 Star rating on  Check out the web site, try the
Evaluation version, and do some Google searches.

If anyone is interested, or would like to make an offer, then please
contact me off-list and I would be more than happy to discuss the offer.


Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software

Compress your photos quickly and easily with JPEGCompress 2.9!

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