Properly formatted large numbers

Terry Judd tsj at
Wed Feb 10 00:14:24 EST 2010

Can you have two columns - one formatted, one not - and somehow apply the
sort to the unformatted column. I guess the unformatted column would have to
be of invisible and you'd need to have some way of trapping the selection of
the column header. You might need Trevor's help there.


On 10/02/10 2:17 PM, "Michael Lew" <michaell at> wrote:

> Dear Listers
> I'm working on some statistical simulations and regularly get output numbers
> with anything from 1 to 7 digits. They are hard to read when they don't have
> the conventional commas separating the thousands and millions. I've written
> a simple function that does the comma formatting for me but it mucks up
> sorting. Of course. (I'm using a datagrid to display the results and live
> sorting is really handy.)
> Does anyone have an easy way to deal with this? I'm tempted to use a fixed
> pitch font so that larger numbers always look longer, but that would be a
> kludgey workaround.
> (I note that in OSX the Finder puts separators in the correct places in
> large numbers using the settings of the International System Preferences.)
> Regards,
> Michael

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