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Tue Feb 9 15:50:15 CST 2010

On Feb 9, 2010, at 4:32 PM, Jeff Massung wrote:

> Sorry, can't find this in the documentation (although it's probably  
> there
> and I'm just blind)... Is there a way for me to get the template  
> group for
> the index of a DG? Something like...
> get the dgDataControl[2] of group "MyDataGrid"

I don't think these is documented by you can access the  
dgDataControlOfIndex or dgDataControlOfLine properties IF you are  
using a Data Grid form:

put the dgDataControlOfIndex[1] of group "DataGrid"

Notes: If you are not caching controls then returns empty if index or  
line has no control associated with it because it is offscreen.

For tables I see a ColumnControlOfIndex function in the source code.  
You can call it directly from any script nested within the Data Grid  

put ColumnControlOfIndex("column name", 3) into theControl

May return an empty value.

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