PDF doc name with revPrintText corrupted?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Tue Feb 9 04:24:15 EST 2010


I am using revPrintText with Rev 3.5 on Win to print a fields text. When
selecting a printer everything is fine. When selecting a pdf-printer Rev
creates a pdf doc name from my stack title. My stack title has german
Umlaute and they get changed to weired signs in the pdf doc name, as if
there there is a problem with the Unicode or something like this. I tried to
use the revPrintText parameter "header text" in the hope rev would take that
header text as the doc name, but no effect.

Does anybody knows, if I can change the doc name when printing to pdf or to
change the charset or any other idea?

I know that there is the new pdf printing in 4.5, but I have to fix it in
3.5 with old style.






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