Not quite [OT]: News about Revolution

Bob Earp rjearp at
Mon Feb 8 16:18:26 EST 2010

Judy, if you haven't seen it take a look at the BBC series "The Last Enemy".  It was on PBS under their Masterpiece Classic program, but you can see all about it at think it was produced around the time national identity cards were being considered in the UK, and is another one of those great British conspiracy series.If you like such things, there's also the classic House of Cards trilogy which is really a modern day Macbeth in both plot and acting.  Brilliant !!, Bob...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Brits beat us to it on that one; it's a UK requirement AFAIK to have 
the biometric chip. But I'm reasonably certain that the US is rather 
enthusiastically jumping down that same stupid rabbit-hole.

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