Andre's house -> Bill's house [OT]

Phil Davis revdev at
Mon Feb 8 12:47:14 EST 2010

On 2/8/10 8:31 AM, william humphrey wrote:
> Andre
> It is always between 72 and 85 degrees F up here in the rainforest. But the
> humidity is often 100%.
> I have to store all data on hard drives (music CD's and movie DVD's don't
> last) and keep them warm. Not complaining.  I love it here. Anytime you want
> to come to our bed and breakfast and stay for free you are welcome (
> ). That invitation is, of course, open to all
> you other RunRev programmers who have many magnitudes of ability greater
> than I.
> Bill

WOW! Thanks Bill.

So... RevCon 2011 at your place?  ;-)

Phil Davis

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