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Welcome to the Revolution.

You almost have it. 

Set the visible of object to true to make it visible
Set the visible of object to false to make it invisible

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On Feb 8, 2010, at 9:14 AM, Andrew Kluthe wrote:

> (Moderator Note: My previous post from akrevolt at should be ignored
> or deleted. I mistakenly sent it from the wrong email. I'm very sorry.)
> Hello,
> I recently convinced my company to let me re-write our farm management
> software in RunRev. Part of my proposal for this was developing a module for
> this software within a week.
> Going from zero RevTalk/Revolution knowledge to programming a fairly large
> database application has really been fun (no sarcasm intended).
> But syntax (or lack thereof?) seems to be my biggest problem.
> I have a lot of controls that need to be made visible and invisible
> depending on the user-state of the application (updating a record, adding a
> record, viewing a record).
> I'm unsure how to use parameters with handlers in this one liner.
> on hideObject pObjectType, pObjectName
>   set the invisible of pObjectType pObjectName to true
> end hideObject
> on showObject pObjectType, pObjectName
>   set the invisible of pObjectType pObjectName to true
> end showObject
> Any suggestions on helping this RevNub get this sorted out? In your
> response, try to include how the params are used in handlers. Thank you so
> much in advance for your replies!
> Hoping Rev can make my job easier (I am very tired of ASP .NET),
> Andrew K.
> RJD Farm LLC
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