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Believe it or not, I was in charge of Security Compliance at SWIFT before I
retired 3 years ago and I can promise you that you can sleep comfortably
without any worries of the Big Bad US Government spying on your money

First of all, the money has to flow thru SWIFT's network, which means its a
bank-to-bank transfer (not things like Visa or cash machine stuff).
Secondly, even though I was in charge of security compliance I didn't know
anything about the program until it was announced by the NY Times, thats how
well controlled and limited it was managed. Thirdly, the process is
incredibly controlled. The government has to give specific transactions they
want to see (in other words, no fishing expeditions, they have to know what
they want to see in advance), they can only see the transactions (no copies)
and the whole process is limited to 3 people (a SWIFT representative, an
external independent security auditor and the Treasury representative).

In the time period that was reported in the news, I think they saw a total
of 6 transactions out of the 2+ million sent thru the SWIFT network every

While I hated to see my company dragged down into the US Government security
facade of the past administration (sri for the political rant there), it
wasn't what the press made it out to be.

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On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 6:27 AM, Wilhelm Sanke <sanke at>wrote:

> First the bad news:
> The European Commission has signed the Swift-Treaty with the U.S.A. that
> entitles American authorities to monitor any kind of money transfer inside
> the European Union and between Europe and the rest of the world. The
> European Parliament in its majority was against this treaty, but under the
> old law (until Dec 1, 2009) could not participate in that decision and now,
> however, might repeal it in the near future. The European representatives
> are presently under great pressure from the side of U.S-lobbyists, as the
> press reports.
> The possibility to collect and screen financial and personal data has
> far-reaching consequences not only for industrial espionage, but also for
> individuals.
> I could, for example, get into trouble on my next visit to the U.S.if I
> would renew my license for "Revolution" (happily I have done that already)
> or buy some add-ons out of the Revolution mega bundle. "Runtime Revolution"
> might be even worse as it suggests an immediate threat and an especially
> aggressive kind of revolution.-
> Now a bit of good news:
> "Andro", the manufacturer and provider of table-tennis equipment has
> produced a new rubber called "Revolution" and "Revolution Quad" with its
> varieties 420, 450, and 480 (watch for line breaks in the link).
> <
> >
> The idea of the new material is to increase speed and spin, while at the
> same time maintain a high degree of control, a problem that is difficult to
> resolve because usually when increasing speed you loose control.
> Unfortunately, this new product - at first tried out widely in the
> table-tennis community - did not live up to the promises of Andro and the
> expectations of the users, which especially can happen when you choose such
> ambitious names like "Revolution" that have rather to be understood as an
> intended goal (to be reached somewhere in the future) than an already
> overall perfect and innovative tool.
> Happily "Butterfly", the Japanese manufacturer with a long tradition of
> high-quality products, stepped in here. I myself had started my career with
> the legendary English "Barna" rubber (comparable to the "Basic" of
> programming languages), and then for a long time of my development used
> Butterfly "Sriver" and "SuperSriver".
> Now "Butterfly" has presented the new "tenergy" rubber in several varieties
> that indeed seems to fulfil what Andro had promised with its "Revolution".
> <
> >
> (again watch for line breaks in the link).
> "Tenergy" is now the material of choice among most of the high-level
> players in our region. As for myself, I did not totally abandon
> "Revolution", but use it on the backhand side of my second racket which I
> use when I encounter an opponent in our team-sport series who is even
> quicker and more offensive in his play than myself - by then slowing down
> the tempo of the match with a thinner layer of "Revolution",  thus
> preserving at least a chance to survive.-
> Conclusion:
> Following the example of "Butterfly", I would recommend to rename "Runtime
> Revolution" to "Runtime T-Energy".
> On the hand this would protect us against unwarranted harassment from the
> side of the CIA, on the other hand it would preserve the notion of a product
> that is strong, potentially reliable, and even innovative.
> Best regards,
> Wilhelm Sanke
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