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Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Mon Feb 8 10:48:48 EST 2010

Two problems.

First problem is in my Debian install, and here the problem is any sort of
printing. Print card, print field, page setup.  As a for example, create a
field, select it (this is in the IDE) and select Print from the file menu. 
There seem not to be any printers.  But every other application bar none can
print, and not only do I have a physical printer configured, I have cupspdf,
so I could print to pdf if it could see it or any of the printers that are
set up.

Second problem was on Mandriva in another install.  Here it was able to find
the printer, and to print to it, but it truncated the file, and it was
impossible to change the settings on the printer, for instance change the
orientation or change the percentage zoom, to fit it all in.  If I recall
correctly, the settings were there, they just had no effect, it came out the
same no matter what you put them to.

So Method B, which I am still using on the Mandriva install, was to export
field to a text file, then go out to shell.  In the shell, open awk, then
pick the columns and put them in with controlled tabs, then pipe the result
into kprinter, and bingo out it comes.   OK, I personally don't mind doing
it like this.  But not many will do it.

At the time I posted the bug, or a bit later, someone else had an early copy
of one of the new releases and he said that the problem had not been
resolved in it.  So he could reproduce it.  I think it was one of the French

At the time, I was on Lenny when it was Testing.  Then Lenny migrated to
Stable, and it was the same thing.  Now I am on Squeeze, which is Testing,
and its the same thing.  But its not just Debian, there is also a problem
with Mandriva, a different one, but still a problem with revPrintField. 
Print card works fine by the way on the Mandriva installation, though the
fonts come out a little odd.  But its acceptable, and it does print into the
area specified, as its supposed to.

Finally, there are problems with seeing some fonts.  Again, this is just
Rev, all other programs see all the fonts.

Now, it could be something about both of my installs, who knows?  But what
would be really nice, and is about the minimum I would demand if I were
managing it, is to have some specification of how this stuff is supposed to
work.  Like, am I supposed to be able to see all the installed fonts from
Rev, or just some of them, and if so which some?  Am I supposed to be able
to do revPrintField and then set the zoom level and page orientation, or is
this not supported?  Are printers supposed to be visible on all distros, or
just some, and if so which?  And finally, if I were managing it, I would
want to go into Development and have them show me a non-tweaked clean
installation and do whatever it is, and show it working.  End of argument. 
I would want Slackware, but if they choose Ubuntu or Suse, OK, as long as
there is a reference system of some sort that's a known quantity.

Same thing by the way with virtual desktops.  Is it supposed to work?  Like,
on Open Office, you can have the dictionary on one desktop and the program
on another.  Its very useful if you are doing large complicated
spreadsheets, which I no longer do, but back then it was a lifesaver trying
to get functions to work.  You cannot do this sort of thing with the
different windows in Rev.  Why not?  And are you supposed to be able to?  I
have no idea on either one.

I'm not trying to be difficult about this, almost any clear answer is
acceptable, but what what we need is some clear statement on what is
supposed to work, how its supposed to work, and a reference system on which
it has been seen working.  Or what is not supposed to work, and what
reference system it has been shown not to work on, that will do too. 
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