NEW ARCHIVES of Franklin 3D (1.0 b10) uploaded to site.

Ruslan Zasukhin ruslan_zasukhin at
Sun Feb 7 03:38:37 EST 2010

Hi All,

* Our guys have did huge job, and we are happy upload new archives of
Franklin 3D 1.0b10.

    Added about 400+ new methods!

* Now we have complete mirror of IRRLICHT engine API in the Revolution
external. This was huge amount of job, more of 1000 methods totally to wrap
and make them working.

* Also was updated WIKI pages with API of Franklin for Revolution to
describe all that methods.

* We hope that this archive actually can be a release candidate.
And if all right, in the nearest days can be shipped release 1.0 of

Best regards,

Ruslan Zasukhin
VP Engineering and New Technology
Paradigma Software, Inc

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