SVG and short-term memories . . .

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sat Feb 6 16:21:08 CST 2010

Digging around I came across this:

popped across to Richard Gaskin's neck of the woods and downloaded

in a trice, and, "Lo and behold" there I downloaded mc2svg.rev
which solves at least half of the riddle.


Which, bye-the-bye gets me up onto one of my old hobby-horses:

there are lots and lots of RunRev/Metacard resources "lying around"
that are just there for the taking, but are neglected and, largely unknown
which can save a lot of 'aggro' and chewing over ground that has already
been covered quite some time ago (in mc2svg's case, 7 years).

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