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Thanks for the cumpliments!

As for LinCity, I am a FreeCiv guy (http://freeciv.net ) which in recent
times you can play in the browser, they've ported it from desktop app to
canvas + js, wonderful work, multiplayer on the browser, fantastic.

About including games on this little distro, I am trying to keep the size
down, I am not even including WINE (sometimes I think windows is a puzzle
game). If you're running a disk image, then you can click the computer
button at lower left and choose "install software", you will load an app not
unlike synaptic where you can search install lincity on your copy with no
problem. The idea is to offer a minimal distro with all things Rev just
working. Users can customize to their taste.


On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 12:01 PM, Richard Gaskin
<ambassador at fourthworld.com>wrote:

> Andre Garzia wrote:
>> Move your browsers to http://andregarzia.com/revlinux/ and check it out.
>> So
>> far I just put the VMWare Image out, the other images and LiveCD will
>> follow
>> shortly. This is a SuSe based distro with revEnterprise, revStudio, MySQL,
>> PostgreSQL, Apache2, RevOnRockets installed. I created this from our
>> emails
>> yesterday till today, so it is a bit rough. I will polish it more if
>> there's
>> interest.
> Nice work, Andre! Thanks for putting that together.
> This is almost totally OT, but if you loved SimCity 2 and have been longing
> for something like it you can run on modern systems, LinCity-NG is a good
> time and free:
> <http://lincity-ng.berlios.de/wiki/index.php/Main_Page>
> I have it on my Ubuntu netbook, but there are builds for OS X and Windows
> too.
> Note: the model is a bit different from SimCity's, with the introduction of
> a new type of building called a "market", central to your city's success.
>  Definitely read the FAQ, worth the five minutes.
> Andre, is it too silly to pre-install LinCity-NG in the next build of your
> distro?  Too much of a productivity killer? ;)
> And if anyone has way too much time on their hands and would consider
> making a Rev port, the source for SimCity 1 has been released under the name
> "Micropolis" as open source and is available here in TCL/Tk as part of the
> OLPC project:
> <http://www.donhopkins.com/home/micropolis/>
> Anyone can port it provided the work conforms to the GPL, and that they
> don't use EA's trademark "SimCity" - so "RevCity"?
> Even if that seems like way too much work, if you have any interest in
> simulations the source is a good read.  This snippet from an early prototype
> of The Sims is an interesting skim:
> <http://www.donhopkins.com/home/images/Sims/>
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